Corporate Policies – Shwe Taung Group
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            Corporate Policies

            The Board is accountable for validating and implementing the policies.

            We have put in place policies that guide us in our interaction with our stakeholders. We will continuously add and update our policies as we continue our journey to becoming a more sustainable company.

            Our Policies:

            Board Charter
            Code of Conduct
            This document is an extract of our comprehensive Code of Conduct and it includes all polices above.
            Anti-Corruption Policy
            Environmental Policy
            Employees’ and Human Rights Policy
            Safety and Health Policy
            Land Acquisition Policy
            Grievance and Dispute Resolution
            Intellectual Property Policy
            Media Relations and Disclosure Policy
            Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
            Sustainability Policy
            Transparency Policy
            Whistle Blowing Policy
            Conflict of Interest Policy

            Zero-tolerance on corruption

            We adopt a “zero-tolerance” approach on all forms of corruption, bribery and extortion. Employees at all levels including senior management and board members are expected to follow this strict “zero tolerance” policy. The policy is clearly stated in our Employee Handbook given to all employees and reiterated at orientation training for new employees. The sanctions to any breach of this zero-tolerance policy are described in the Employee Handbook and can lead to termination of contract. Also, employees are encouraged to report any behavior that seems corrupt within the business and whistleblowers may remain anonymous.

            Shwe Taung encourages its stakeholders to report any cases of non-compliance with its code of conduct or policies. You can do so using this form, and you can also decide to report anonymously.